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Here’s what we’ve got for you in this week’s Intrepid Report: Telegram has canceled its much-hyped ICO, while questions are being asked about whether to classify Ripple and Ethereum as securities. We’ve got insights on how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio, as well as thoughts from the Blockchain Review on understanding governance in public blockchains, and much more. Check it out below.

Key news highlights. What’s going on in the world of Blockchain?

Telegram cancels its much-hyped initial coin offering
Secure messaging service Telegram is canceling its initial coin offering (ICO) and won’t be opening up its digital coins for public sale. The cancellation is a blow to public investors who hoped to get in on one of the largest cryptocurrency investment opportunities in history, with an estimated $1.7 billion already raised. Sources are attributing this turn of events to different reasons and criticizing Telegram for the current disarray created by its early backers.
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SEC and CFTC caught in a difficult position regarding Ethereum
The SEC and CFTC met yesterday to begin discussions on whether Ethereum’s ICO in 2014 can be considered a sale of a security and regulated as such. Here’s a deeper look at how the SEC ruling will influence ether holders, developers, exchanges and founders intending to launch ICOs in the future.
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Ripple Sued for Alleged Violations of US Securities Laws
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Ripple Labs, its CEO, and subsidiary, alleging that the defendants have violated the state and federal securities laws, engaging in schemes to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through the sale of unregistered ripple tokens (XRP). Whether the claims made by the plaintiff hold any weight in court remains to be seen.
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South Korean Lawmakers Draft Bill to Legalize Some ICOs
South Korea banned all ICOs late last year to cool speculative investment in digital currencies, driving many domestic corporations to raise capital overseas. A group of South Korean lawmakers are now working on a bill to legalize ICOs, providing they meet certain conditions under the supervision of the government. This is the first parliamentary challenge to the government’s ban on domestic ICOs.
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Warren Buffett: Buying Bitcoin ‘Is Not Investing’
Warren Buffett continues to remain notoriously bearish on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, claiming those who participate in the market are not investing. However, there is a flaw in his argument that people who buy cryptocurrencies “don’t really have anything that has produced anything”.
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The latest insights, thoughts, and analysis from the Intrepid Team

Understanding Public Blockchain Governance
Governance includes looking at how actors come together to produce, maintain or change the inputs that make up a blockchain. Understanding blockchain governance is critical for mitigating social conflict and ensuring the blockchain remains functional. There has been a tendency within the wider blockchain community to dismiss governance issues, sometimes even to deny that they exist. In this article, we explain why this perception about governance is mistaken and why it is in fact essential to blockchains.
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Articles, white papers, ebooks, and more

How to Build a Proper Cryptocurrency Trading Portfolio
There is an endless amount of strategies to adopt when choosing which cryptocurrencies to keep in your portfolio. Given the thousands of coins out there, finding the best coins to keep in your portfolio could be a daunting task and it could be extremely tempting to follow the crowd. This guide provides you with some tips and tricks on building your portfolio and minimizing your risk, to help you have a more successful cryptocurrency trading experience.
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Why Canada has Emerged as a Leading Blockchain and Crypto Nation
Canada has emerged as a leading crypto nation based on its innovation, low energy costs, high internet speed and favorable regulatory regime. While it ranks third in the world behind the U.S. and the UK when it comes to embracing Blockchain technology, its Ethereum Blockchain technology adoption is unparalleled by other nations. Here are the specifics of how Canada’s strategies facilitate blockchain and crypto adoption among founders, developers, investors and other players in the space.
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Updates on what we’re up to and our upcoming events

Metabase Token Sale Economics
We’re very excited to share the long-awaited token sale economics manual with you. The manual is an easy to understand guide to purchasing tokens for our Metabase ICO. We’re building a blockchain built for scale, speed and the rapid development of decentralized applications for next-generation businesses. Find out more and sign up for our pre-sale on our website.
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ICO – Crypto Economics Meetup – Singapore
We are hosting a meetup Monday next week on crypto economics. We’ll be focusing on the principles and theories behind crypto economics, sharing some tools and resources to help develop your crypto economic models, covering interesting use cases and finishing off with an AMA. Come join us!
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