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Here’s this week’s crypto insights: Numerous regulatory changes from around the world as governments make drastic changes to their stance on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. We’ve got insights on the costs of launching 51% attacks on PoW cryptocurrencies, thoughts from the Blockchain Review on cryptocurrency tax considerations for SMEs, the launch of the Metabase ICO pre-sale, and much more. Check it out below.

Key news highlights. What’s going on in the world of Blockchain?

UK Financial Conduct Authority To Investigate 24 Cryptocurrency Companies
The UK FCA will conduct investigations into 24 cryptocurrency companies to ensure they are refraining from price manipulation and adhering to regulations and investor protection. The FCA stated, “If we conclude that they are [conducting activities that require FCA authorization], then we may investigate and take action, identifying and determining the most serious matters which pose the greatest risk to consumers.”
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Crypto Funds Explode in 2018 as Venture Capital Attacks the ICO Model
The total number of cryptocurrency funds has skyrocketed over the first half of 2018, surging to over 225 from just 58 at the end of 2017. Crypto funds currently manage more than $5 billion in assets, contributing significantly to the entire blockchain ecosystem. Here are some figures on what the crypto funds are investing in and a breakdown of the type of funds that have been injecting capital into the blockchain industry.
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Korean National Assembly Makes Official Proposal to Lift ICO Ban
South Korea’s National Assembly, the legislative arm of government, is pushing for the removal of the country’s ban on domestic initial coin offerings (ICOs) as long as investor protections are provided for. National Assembly’s Special Committee of the Fourth Industrial Revolution went on to recommend the formation of a task force to bring about improved transparency of cryptocurrency trading in South Korea and help develop a “healthy” cryptocurrency trading industry.
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Bitcoin Addict Treatment Centre Helps People Hooked on Cryptocurrencies
A rehab facility in Scotland is offering a course for Bitcoin addicts in a bid to treat people obsessed with the virtual money. The facility will treat crypto-addicts alongside alcoholics, drug users and people battling other serious addictions. According to experts, cryptocurrency trading addicts show the same kind of behavioural addictions as online gamblers.
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Japan’s Financial Security Agency (FSA) Bans Private Cryptocurrencies
In their assessment of privacy coins, the FSA explicitly stated that a primary justification for its preemptive ban was to eliminate bad actors from being able to conduct criminal activity under the guise of anonymity. The FSA decision is one of the first instances where a government entity has questioned the status of privacy coins and their ability to positively impact the commercial ecosystem. Read on to find out more how banning private cryptocurrencies will have implications for cryptocurrency adoption and regulatory changes across the globe.
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The latest insights, thoughts, and analysis from the Intrepid Team

Bitcoin, Crypto & Taxes: Top Cryptocurrency Tax Considerations for SMEs
It can be challenging for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to navigate through cryptocurrency tax requirements in jurisdictions where formal legislation has been enacted. But what about SMEs that own or use cryptocurrencies and operate in countries with a lack of formal crypto tax legislation? What tax obligations need to be considered on Bitcoin, Ether, and other altcoins? What actions must you take and what records need to be kept? This article will provide some clarity.
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Examining The Other Side Of The Coin: Blockchain’s Limitations
People admire decentralized technologies. They are expected to change the world and so on. Centralization is considered wrong. But the problem is that it’s still hard to find any ultimate decentralized solution implemented in the real world. There’s no doubt that Blockchain allows for quite a lot of advantages, which make the technology unique and give it an extremely high potential. However, just like every new approach, it has a number of disadvantages that should be examined.
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Here’s how much it costs to launch a 51% attack on PoW cryptocurrencies
51 percent attacks occur when a single entity gains majority (more than 51 percent) of the network hashrate. Repeated 51 percent attacks on proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies have triggered a critical dialogue about the security of blockchain networks. Last week, a researcher showed that a cryptocurrency worth $2 billion can be hacked profitably with as little as $1.5 million. For lesser known cryptocurrencies, the number ranges between $1-$500. Here’s a deeper look into whether attacking a cryptocurrency is really as easy as it seems.
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Comparing Centralized vs Decentralized Blockchain Business Models
Centralized business models have been the foundation of the world economy for centuries. However, we are already beginning to see the early stages of a movement towards decentralization. While decentralized blockchain business models sound good in theory, it’s important to understand how these models would function in practice. Read on to understand how exactly a decentralized blockchain business model could lead the economy of the future.

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Updates on what we’re up to and our upcoming events

Metabase ICO Pre-Sale Launch
We’re excited for the pre-sale launch of our first major in-house blockchain platform development by our company called Metabase. When we set out on this project, our team understood that first generation blockchains have several limitations that are prevent their widespread use and adoption. Instead of only focusing on scalability, like most other projects, Metabase takes a multidimensional approach. Here’s how we are doing it. Pre-sale and main sale dates are also detailed here.
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